6 Brand-New Casinos Opening around the World in 2024

Going to casinos can be a great way to spend the weekend. Many casino places even provide dining and bars to make the experience much better. Newly opened gambling houses can elevate this experience as they usually provide great deals and offers to attract new members and to keep them coming back for more. Their machines are new and they might even house some of the newer models of rare gambling games.

These places also have fewer number of players as compared to older casinos. This is why there is an opportunity to win more often as compared to in an already established gambling house. While playing in casinos, it is just as important to find the best place to play at. To know the best and the worst of the casino world, in both online and offline format, one can visit https://www.mycasinoadviser.com/online-pokies/.

Below is a list of 6 brand new casinos that are opening around the world in the year 2024:

1. Rock & Brews Casino (USA)

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This new gambling house has recently opened in Braman, Oklahoma. It began functioning on 10th May, 2024. This new location offers features like dining and parking besides the normal gambling games along with Video Poker and Slot Machines. This gambling house currently provides bonuses for new players that can amount up to $500 in free playing rounds. It also offers more than 400 varieties of gambling games for one to enjoy.

2. Aloft Ponce Casino (Puerto Rico)

This casino spot in Ponce, Puerto Rico is a much awaited spot for gambling and simply hanging out with one’s friends. This place offers a lot of features to keep one entertained and busy. This place is about to be opened on September 1st, 2024. It offers features like entertainment, dining, shopping spaces, spas and even places for accommodation. It can act as a perfect weekend getaway with one’s friends, family or business partners.

3. The Edge – Great Yarmouth (England)

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The Edge which recently opened in Great Yarmouth in England is a new leisure site located in close proximity to the Pleasure Beach. It has a great gambling arena and was opened for public use on 17th June, 2024. It is the perfect spot for taking a break from the hectic lifestyle and having fun. It provides a number of features like hotel facilities for accommodation, restaurants, ample space for parking, an indoor play area as well as a huge gambling house. Its closer proximity to the beach makes it an exciting location too.

4. City of Dreams Mediterranean (Cyprus)

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This is one of the most gorgeous new gambling spots to be launched in the year 2024. It is a 5-star luxury integrated resort in Limassol, Cyprus which became functional on 1st June, 2024. This place houses luxury restaurants and bars and has received an average of 4.3 stars rating on Google. Besides being in an exceptionally beautiful location, this gambling house provides more features than one can count. With respect to the casino, it offers games like Roulettes, Blackjack, slot machines, Craps, 3 card poker, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em and Ultimate Texas Hold’em , Russian as well as American Poker, Ohama, stud poker and many more.

It also provides features for having leisure time outside of the gambling house, this includes features like dining, spas and other attraction spots that one can explore. It also offers valet-parking and is open 24/7.

5. NUSTAR Resort and Casino (Philippines)

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It is a newly opened resort in the Cebu City of Philippines that also has a built-in casino which makes it a perfect hangout spot for casino players. This place was launched for public use on 8th May, 2024 and provides a variety of other features besides a gambling house. This includes valet-parking, dining spaces, entertainment opportunities, attractions, shopping areas, etc. As for casino games, this place houses slot machines and provides options for playing games like Roulettes, Craps and Baccarat along with some other features like Pai Gow and Sick Bo.

It is a 5-star integrated resort that aims to provide the best experience. As it is located in the Philippines, people who go there also get to experience the party and fun culture of the country. It can be the perfect hangout spot for groups of friends, families and even business meets. The gambling house here is integral to the resort as it houses upto 1500 machines and 250 tables in the gambling house alone. Gambling here can also be enjoyed privately in private rooms.

6. Andorra Resort & Casino (Andorra)

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It is a yet to open casino situated in Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra. This place is expected to open on September 4th, 2024. Once open, it would be the first Casino in Andorra. This is why it is so anticipated. Along with housing a casino, the place aims to host events and tournaments in the country. It will also have features for dining and drinking.


New resorts and casino spaces can be a great way to spend a weekend away with friends. Newly opened casinos offer a lot of benefits like membership bonuses and higher chances of winning from a small lot of people. This is why they are often preferred by those who want to have a relaxing time while also enjoying a Casino game. This article has covered 6 of the most anticipated and new spots that casino lovers are sure to be interested in. Not only do these spots provide a perfect place to play games and enjoy time with friends, these places also act as great locations for having a leisure time with features like dining and bars and also offer opportunities for shopping and getting a relaxing spa treatment.

These locations are suitable for family getaways, going out with a group of friends and even business meetings. Having a great time at a new location is sure to help one get back to their normal life with much more zeal and energy. Although some of the locations might be a bit on the higher end, the discounts are bonuses provided by them can help in cutting costs.