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SaleBestseller No. 1
Funko Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition Family Party Game for 4 or More Players Ages 12 and Up
  • Definitive new edition of the smash-hit party game Cranium
  • Custom Cranium Capsule elevates gameplay and stores all components neatly.
  • Featuring 800 all-new questions across 18 diverse activities
  • Includes Cranium Clay and dry-erase whiteboard to craft your original works of art.
  • New activities take their place alongside classic favorites from the original game
SaleBestseller No. 2
Hasbro Gaming Cranium
  • Cranium is the version of the smash-hit, multi-activity game Cranium made for kids and parents
  • Teams work together to race around the board by completing a mix of 14 hilarious activities,
  • Now with all new components, including 600 all-new cards and flexible length of play
  • Whether you are an aspiring actor, artist, data hound or wordsmith, Cranium gives you and your team a moment to shine
  • Cranium Edition gives everybody from Grandma to Junior the chance to shine
Bestseller No. 4
Hasbro Cranium Wow Board Game
  • Players are divided into two, three, or four teams; each team picks a mover and puts it on the "Planet Cranium" space. The board is laid out as a...
  • Word Worm These yellow cards are themed around words, spelling, and anagrams. Two types of spelling are involved in this category; one type involves...
  • Gameplay[edit] On each turn, a team has a chance to complete an activity on one card and advance along the board. If the team is on a purple space (as...
  • Club Cranium[edit] On some of the Creative Cat and Star Performer cards, there is a "Club Cranium" symbol. When one of these cards is drawn, every...
  • Cranium Central[edit] Around the "Cranium Central" space in the center of the board are four black spaces, each with the name of one of the decks on...
Bestseller No. 5
Cranium Game
  • Players can show off their talents
  • Move around the board completing activities in 4 fun categories
  • Featuring word play, sketching, sleuthing, acting, and more
  • Play in teams
  • Includes 600 cards, 4 movers, Cranium Clay, timer, die, 1 notepad, and instructions
SaleBestseller No. 7
CRANIUM Tin Edition
  • Cranium Tin Edition packs the same 14 fun activities packed into a unique and portable tin package
  • Named the 2001 Toy of the Year by the Toy Industry Association
  • Cranium includes the game board, 600 outrageous Cranium cards covering 30 diverse subjects, a ten-sided Cranium die and a tub of cool Cranium Clay
  • Also includes a timer, Cranium drawing pads and pencils, and four Cranium play pieces all in a unique tin package
  • Recommended for adults and teens
Bestseller No. 8
Hasbro Gaming Cranium Dark Game
  • The Party Game for People Who Want to Act Up
  • The game you play after dark
  • Great for game night with friends
  • Hilarious, suspenseful gameplay
  • Includes 400 cards, timer, Cranium Clay, 2 pads of paper, and instructions.
Bestseller No. 9
Cranium Outrageous Fun For Everyone
  • board game
  • ages teenagers to adults
  • 4 or more players
  • time about 1 hour
  • produced in 2004
Bestseller No. 10
Cranium Wow Game
  • 600 Cards --15 Activities -- About 2,172 laughs!
  • All new movers -- with hats and hairdos!
  • Sketch, sculpt, solve puzzles, act, and hum
  • Your hidden talent has hidden long enough
  • Instant fun -- Just add people!
Bestseller No. 11
Cranium 3-in-1 Game Board (2014) 600 Cards
  • Object of the game: To circle the board victoriously - sketching, sculpting, acting, humming, and puzzle-solving as you go.
  • 3-in-1 Foldout Game Board: Quick Game - A 30-minute experience Mid-Sized - A full hour of fun Full-Sized - The classic Cranium game
Bestseller No. 12
Cranium Bible Games Edition
  • A family favorite game in a Bible Edition.
  • Enhances Faith.
  • Promotes Learning
  • Face to Face Fun.
  • Great for Families and Friends Youth Groups and Bible studies.
SaleBestseller No. 13
Cranium Disney (Family Edition)
  • Cranium, disney
  • Join mickey and friends on a fun journey through the wonderful world of disney
  • Enjoy this playful game that delivers fun and laughter, and stretches the imagination every time
  • Custom game board
SaleBestseller No. 14
Cranium Family Edition
  • Cranium Family Fun features a variety of hilarious activities that will have everyone laughing, high-fiving, and working and playing together!
  • Players compete by building, flipping, sketching, sculpting, and guessing
  • Object of the game: Be the first team to reach the finish line at the end of the twisting and turning path.
  • With colorful Cranium Cubes and fun Flipper Frogs, The Family Fun Game delivers the ultimate game night!
  • Perfect for Family Game Night
Bestseller No. 15
CRANIUM Turbo Edition
  • It is the deluxe version of Cranium that cranks up outrageous fun with even more new ways to connect, celebrate, laugh hysterically
  • It is a great way to deliver the same outrageous fun of original Cranium, with all the same shining opportunities and laugh-out-loud moments
  • Includes game board, 1,000 outrageous game cards, Turbo Rally cards - 16 activities (with 6 not found in original Cranium)
  • Also includes an electronic timer with music and lights, a tub of cool Cranium Clay, pads and pencils, and 4 Turbo game pieces
  • Recommended for adults and teens
Bestseller No. 16
Cranium Cadoo
  • Cranium Cadoo is packed with fun eight activity types and 300 questions guaranteed to get kids thinking, creating, giggling, and grinning
  • Kids get a kick out of the cool Cranium Clay, colorful tokens, vibrant design
  • Named the 2002 Game of the Year by the Toy Industry Association.
  • Over two million Cadoo games sold to date
  • Simple set-up and easy instructions make Cadoo the perfect game for any occasion birthday parties, after school, holidays, rainy days, any day
Bestseller No. 17
  • A cross between party game and card game
  • Players team up to perform actions prompted by drawn cards within a time limit
  • Games take about 20 minutes to play
  • Includes more than 280 Hoopla cards, timer, a 10-sided die, 3 wild tokens, Cranium pad, and pencil
  • Recommended for adults and teens
Bestseller No. 18
Winning Moves Cranium Cadoo Board Game
  • Back by popular demand: the original version is back! with a variety of hilarious activities, the Cranium cadoo game gets kids thinking, creating and...
  • Let's play: play "combo" or go "solo" to compete in challenges from sculpting a clay object, solving a picture puzzle, and acting out a clue,...
  • Team play: players guess what you are doing. If a player shouts it out, you share the same spot on the board. Be the first to get four tokens in a row...
  • Contents: game board, two decks of challenge cards, 1 custom die, sketch pad, 40 plastic scoring tokens, special red secret decoder mask, Cranium...
  • Winning Moves (Author)
Bestseller No. 19
Funko Cranium Hullabaloo Pre-School Game for 1-6 Players Ages 3 and Up
  • New edition from the team that brought you the original twotime TOTY Award winner!
  • Featuring Classic and Advanced gameplay modes that grow along with your child!
  • Free Hullabaloo app provides thousands of game variations, plus fun and funky narration, music, and sound effects!
  • Kids practice skills like quick reading, counting, matching colors, and cooperation!
  • For 1-6 Players
Bestseller No. 20
Cranium Game
  • Durable Product
  • Classic Cranium game lets you act, sing, draw or other creative tasks to win points
  • 400 challenges in 4 categories: Star Performer, Word Worm, Data Head and Creative Cat
  • Keep advancing around the board by successfully completing challenges
  • Includes gameboard, 200 Cranium Cards, 10-sided die, tub of Cranium Clay, 1-minute timer, 2 movers, notepad, and game guide

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Q: What are the rules of cranium?

A: Cranium rules have the option of adjusting the board for longer or shorter play time. For a quick game fold the board so only four sections are showing. For a game lasting approximately one hour fold the board in a rectangle allowing eight sections to show.

Q: How do you play carrom board game?

A: To play Carrom, start by setting up the board with the red playing piece, the Queen, in the center and the other pieces, yours and your opponent’s, around it. Place the striker, the other unique game piece, on the board so it’s touching both baselines.

Q: How to play Cranium Cadoo?

A: To play Cranium Cadoo, assemble the players, and take turns completing Cadoo ends, place tokens on the game board according to the card’s instructions. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Sensosketch cards are the same but the drawer must have their eyes closed.

Q: How do you play cranium?

A: Cranium is a game that is played in teams. To play the game, you’ll need at least four players so you have at least two teams. Divide people up into teams at the beginning of the game. As there is no limit on how many players per team, Cranium can be fun to play in big groups.