How to Customize Microsoft Business Central ERP

Everything today in the business world is about efficiency and productivity, as only that grants high results in terms of overall profits. Now, starting something from scratch is never easy, as there are way too many things to keep in mind and plan in advance, but there are also many perks of living in this modern age, and one of them is definitely having various solutions to these problems. Namely, there is a program or software for almost every possible issue or obstacle that might come your way. Besides that, since the tech is advancing so rapidly, we are yet to expect huge changes in this area, but let’s now dwell on what will happen and focus more on the real solutions that exist and that every company should use.

Microsoft business central

Well, this is just something of a must for every organization and company looking to increase overall efficiency and keep up with the latest market changes. Not only that this system will make sole functioning much easier and more transparent, but it will also allow your company to grow and adapt as the market changes. It is a revolutionary system designed to help business owners with their primary goal, better organization. Of course, since it’s not like every business needs the same type or level of service, one can always opt and change or, to be more precise, customize this system to fit their needs. The entire system is designed in such a way that there are already certain pre-defined roles that you can use, but by customizing it, you can add or remove some of the roles and create a system that suits your company’s needs most. Now, before we go to specifics, let’s first explain what ERP is and why it is an essential program today.

What is ERP?


The first thing to explain is what ERP is and why it is important for a person who decides to start their own business and the people who work for them. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it represents software necessary for every company as every employee and organization uses it for daily tasks. This software has wide usage in every firm, and it is almost impossible to imagine organizing daily tasks without it. It makes the whole functioning much easier by synchronizing various sectors of the company and improving the visibility of their work between them. The software makes tracking and storing data much easier, but its many functions also grant maximum productive capacity. Thanks to good ERP software, the productivity is much higher, and businesses can operate smoothly without spending too much money on hiring new IT professionals and other staff to finish various tasks that can be done by one program. In this modern world, efficiency needs to be high, as it is the only way to succeed in this excessively competitive market, regardless of the type of industry or what kind of products and services your company provides.

Why customize it?

It is impossible to find one dress that can fit every person, so it is not realistic to expect that one program can suit every company’s needs. No matter how good the ERP software is, it still needs to be customized to provide the maximum to every business. Different businesses have different needs, and customized software can improve various sectors and management and help them communicate and improve their job. It is important for every company, no matter if it is new or operating for some time, as it is crucial to follow the newest trends and try to save money whenever possible. Besides that, by customizing the software as an end product, you get the best and most unique functional software that no one else has or has an idea of how it works, which also grants better results.

How to do it?


There are various ways to customize the ERP software and tailor it to the needs of your business, and we will present you with some of them in the text below. Of course, it is always a much easier solution to hire a professional, and if you need consultation, make sure to visit

  • Creating various profiles

One of the first things you should do when customizing the Microsoft Business Central ERP is to change the user interface for a certain role, which will allow all the users of that role to see the same customized workspace. It will also allow you to control their personalization and manage them whenever needed. The flow of info is much better this way, and it provides IT specialists with real-time data and employers with the overall productivity of every single employee in their team.

  • Add extensions

We are all aware of how useful the extensions can be when we use our internet browsers, as there are many of them for various purposes we can install on them. The great thing with ERP software is that it also gives us an option to install different extensions and improve its operation in various situations. For those who do not know what extensions are, we will explain them as small programs or applications used in some greater one that can improve their operation. Extensions can do it by providing users the access to online services they need, changing the behavior of certain parts of software, and adding functionality to it. One of the most installed extensions for Microsoft is definitely the one that provides the integration with PayPal and makes online payment much easier and more accessible to many users.


The bottom line

Those still uncertain or those still thinking about implementing an ERP system or upgrading the existing one should definitely consider customizing one, as the benefits of doing so are pretty vast. The entire system will give you a much better insight into your overall productivity, increase it and bring you to success. From everything mentioned above, hopefully, it’s also pretty clear how to achieve that, and the only thing left is to customize it in such a way that fits your company’s needs the most.