How to Know When To Raise your Bet in Blackjack

Playing blackjack is really interesting and challenging, especially for those who know and understand the game. Gambling is tricky, and we are all aware of it. What we can do is focus on the game, and see how we can improve our overall performance. The goal is to beat the dealer. Many players find this game easy, but what we can say is that it takes a lot of effort and skills to finally be able to play it, without any issues. Both the player and dealer get two cards, and the goal is to get the sum closer to 21.

So, we can say that you are comparing your result to theirs. It can be played one-on-one between the player and dealer. Or, there is an option for five to nine players who are playing against the dealer, but also against each other.

Winning combinations are if your “hand” is stronger than that of the dealer. If the dealer has a hand above 21, they lose. You also win if you have a sum of 21 with the drawn cards, while there is no dealer.

But you lose if the divider has a higher value than yours, or exactly 21 when you do not have such a combination.

Depending on the strength in your hand, you can choose whether it’s the right time to raise, or not.

Things can get complicated if you play blackjack online because you can’t monitor the behavior of the other players. But, that won’t stop services like to become even more popular. Some of the land-based strategies can be used for online blackjack too, but sometimes, you need to adjust the approach accordingly.

Is it possible to use the progressive betting strategy?

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This is not the most recommended option, since it leads to losing a lot of money, especially if you have a losing streak. But, it’s also a nice way to get yourself together, once you win. Many people bet on large amounts of money, so the progressive systems are maybe not the best option because it means losing a lot of cash at once.

So, instead of using progressive raise, you can bet on higher amounts, against the dealer, when you are sure you can do that.

If you have a larger sum in your hands, not higher than 21, you can double the bet, or raise as needed.

Also, if your result is equal to 21, you can still get to bet on higher bets, because chances are you are the only winner on that hand.

When to bet on more?

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Many players count cards in blackjack. Although according to many rules, this is cheating, in fact, we cannot classify it as such, because many people know exactly this way when to give up the game or move on.

What you need to know is that aces are worth 11 points, while 10, K, Q, and J are worth 10. Ideally, you would have 21 points if you had a face plus ace in your hand.

However, this is difficult to predict, because the dealer mixes the cards well beforehand so that the distribution is as random as possible. But each of the players has an equal chance of winning until all the cards are open.

If you have a high score that is close to 21, for example, 18, 19, or 20, then you can hope that others have a smaller sum than you. But keep in mind that even if you have a sum of 20, one can have 21. However, a high score is actually the most favorable for betting on a higher amount.

Surely, if you have cards like 2 and 5 in your hand, that is a total of 7, you will not invest much in betting. It is common sense and not worth the risk, although there is still a chance that others will have lesser results.

Doing the math

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You don’t have to be a math expert to estimate your chances. A deck has 52 cards. There are 16 cards in a deck that have values equal to 10, and four more equal to 11. So, those are 20 of 52. You have 32 cards left, that combined together will never give a result equal to 21. Most you can get of them is two 9s, which is equal to 18. The lowest result is four if you have two 2s in your hand.

Now you know the basic math, and you can make decisions accordingly.

So, the right time to raise the bet is when you have a higher result. But the real deal happens when additional cards are dealt. That’s how many people who are close to 21 with their original hand, can lose everything they have until now. But, that’s the point of gambling.

Most people will lose a lot more times than they would win. It’s the same with land-based and online casinos too.


Blackjack is not a difficult game, but it can certainly bring you big wins. It is a great challenge to play card games, but also to be wise and smart. There are many strategies that someone has written, but no one would recommend full follow-up. In fact, their rules can be used in part, and the rest can be based on current decisions.

No matter how lucky you are in life, it is good to be moderate in gambling. This is an activity that can easily draw you in and assure you that you can win whenever you play a card game. The advantage of online casinos is that you can be at home, and not let the atmosphere drag you into reckless decisions.

Counting the cards, and doing the simple math in blackjack will easily tell you when it’s the right time to raise, or fold. And don’t worry, if you don’t feel lucky today, you can easily skip the game, and wait for a better time to play over and over again.