How to Play European Roulette Like a Pro

Even though many people think that playing roulette is just placing some chips down on a betting board and hoping for the best results, the truth is completely different. There is a lot more included in playing a roulette game than just being lucky. Sure, some people are able to go away home with huge winnings in this way.

However, this gameplay is not very recommendable if you want to become a pro roulette player. If you want to start playing this game in a more advanced way, you must know a couple of handy tips that will help you in your gaming performance. Let’s get to the point and reveal some advice regarding how to play the European roulette game like a pro.

European Roulette


Before we start it is important to say that there are a couple of roulette game versions. There are French, European, and American versions. The European is the most popular one and it is highly played worldwide. All of these versions have some differences such as wagering and betting options. European roulette has a single zero and a 2.7% house edge, just like the French version. Everyone who wants to play this game like a professional needs to understand the layout of the wheel because this is a very significant factor.

When a person is looking at the wheel, at first glance he will not notice that the numbers on the roulette wheel are following any pattern and they appear random. The truth is completely different. In the European roulette wheel, every number on the wheel is placed directly opposed to its consecutive counterpart. For instance, pay attention closely and you will see that 10 black is opposite to 9 red, or 24 red is directly opposite 26 black, etc.

How to play European roulette?


Before we start with good tips that will help you play like a pro, let’s start with some basics. European roulette game is extremely popular, and best of all is the fact that it very simple one as well. After watching a couple of wheels, you will be able to understand how the game function. Making bet is the first step, and after a person does that, the dealer sets the wheel spinning and throws the ball into it in the opposite direction.

It is interesting to know that players can continue to place bets even when the wheel is spinning. At some point, the ball will land on a particular number on the wheel. If some player placed a bet on that color, section, or even the number, he is going to receive money according to the set odds. There are a couple of bets that players can place when they are playing roulette. The crucial types of bets are inside and outside ones.

1. Inside Roulette Bets


As you know, the roulette table has a unique layout that comes with a numbered grid. When it comes to the inside bet, it stands for any wager that a player can place within that numbered grid. This means that players can bet on an intersection, a line of numbers, betting on a single number, etc. Every player should know that betting on one number will provide the higher payout possible. These types of bets are very risky, but because of that, they come with a higher excitement.

2. Outside Roulette Bets

On the contrary, outside bets stand for all wagers that one player can place outside of the main number field. These types of bets are less challenging than the previously mentioned ones.

How to play European roulette like a pro?

Now, it is time to start with some strategies that can help you become a better roulette player.

1. No Roulette Strategy

We are not talking you to forget about using any type of roulette strategy that you can find in guides. The truth is that these strategies can help you manage your bankroll and to even play the roulette game for a longer time than you would. However, you should also realize that even with the best roulette strategies you can play for a very long period without a win. As much as you rely on some strategy, there is no guarantee that it can provide you victory every time.

2. Understand Probability


One more thing that you should understand if you want to play the game better refers to the probability. As you saw, roulette games are having hot and cold numbers and they are helping players decide on how they are going to bet as many players are saying. This is not true! Hot and cold numbers do not mean anything. Even though the number 13 has not come up for more than 100 spins, it does not mean it will surely come up soon. You can only get the information on what numbers have been drawn over the last few rounds on the wheel. Therefore, by understanding the probability, you will know that number 13 has the same chance of coming up next on the wheel as any other number! Like that, red has the same chance to come up as black color.

3. Simple Betting Systems

If you have read some guides you probably come across some popular progressive betting systems such as the Martingale System. This one is great for beginners. However, we will mention one more time, you should not fool yourself by thinking that this will guarantee you profit. However, it will keep your bankroll managed. For instance, increasing your bets and following a win, and like that decreasing, bets and following your loss will definitely help you play longer sessions. In that way, you will have enough chips to go through extensive periods of losses. You should know that the logic behind this or any other strategy is based on time. Over time, you will probably get back the money you put in and maybe win. If you are more experienced, you can try some other complicated systems.

The Land and Online Roulette Aren’t the Same

This one is very important to know! You can try paying for both online roulette games and go to the land-based casino to play roulette. You will see a huge difference. When it comes to online roulette, it is ruled by the RNG which stands for random number generator software which provides random actions on every spin. On the other hand, land-based casinos can have roulette tables with imperfections, no matter how well they are created. Therefore, it is recommendable to choose online casino platforms to play roulette such as Additionally, it is important to know that you should never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose.