Is It Better to Play Regular or Progressive Slots?

People indulge in gambling to win money by placing bets on unpredictable outcomes. In some games like Blackjack, specific tricks increase a player’s probability of winning. However, for gambling that involves slot machines, the risks are very high as the luck factor has some significant role, and strategies are not of much use.

People might like playing with real currencies as this gives them an opportunity to get real money if they can play well. However, gambling involves significant risks, and an impulsive person or new player would do well if they start playing with real money once they are comfortable with the game. People who wish to make money and enjoy a good gamble should visit

Modern online casinos allow people to gamble from the comforts of their homes. Some people win by using strategies; some win by practicing over time, yet others make simple inferences like which machine gives bigger prizes to increase the probability of registering a win.

Know More About Slots Machines

People who have gone to a Casino in real life will be familiar with these machines. These machines often use giant levers; they have screens where a combination of fruits or numbers is generated randomly. If a person’s combination happens to match with the winning combination, they win money.

Old machines generated symbols or numbers in three channels, and these were pretty simple to use. However, modern machines have up to seven channels where the symbols can be seen. In order to win, a gambler has to generate the correct symbols in the right pattern. The pattern can be horizontal, vertical lines and also zigzag patterns.


There are machines that allow players to win if they happen to crack the symbols correctly for a few patterns. However, some other machines enable players to win only if they win on all the possible combinations the machine is running. To win, a player must get the correct symbols in all five or seven patterns( horizontal, zigzag etc.) to win the money.

Slots machines can be of two types. One is a simple slot machine, and the other increases the prize amount progressively. Most people cannot decide which game will serve their ends better. However, knowing a few things about these machines can help people make an informed decision.

Which Type Of Slot Machine Should One Go For When They Visit A Casino?

Prize Money That Is At Stake

With a regular slot machine, the prize money that is to be given as a prize remains constant, and this amount does not change irrespective of the number of people who are involved in the game.

However, in the case of progressive slot machines, things are slightly different. In this case, the final sum that will be given as a prize is not fixed. This amount is variable, and the sum keeps on increasing as more and more people join in gambling.

Thus, if a person intends to win a large sum of prize money, they should go for those games where the prize’s value keeps increasing. On the other hand, if a person is satisfied by winning small amounts of money, they can gamble on a simple regular machine.

Risk Involved In The Gamble


In a simple regular machine, the prize money that a person can win is limited, and it is pre-decided. Thus, these games involve fewer risks. Also, these games are much less complicated, and therefore they are easier to win. For instance, these games require a person to get the right pattern in only three channels instead of five or seven channels.

With Progressive machines, the risks increase manifold. Here the prize money is massive, so the patterns are much more complex. Here people have to get correct combinations in five or more channels and that too in different patterns, i.e. different types of lines.

Also, a group of Casinos run the game together with these games. As more people are involved in a particular game, a specific person’s chances of registering a win go down significantly.

The Budget That One Can Invest In Gambling

With progressive machines, the eligibility criteria to participate are much higher. Only those people who can invest a big sum are allowed to participate. This is because these games usually run on expensive tokens. The probability of suffering a major loss is more in these cases; hence one should play on these machines if they have a big budget and a big appetite.

Your Level Of Expertise

Regular slot machines are fairly simple; even beginners can win these games. Thus, it makes sense for novice people to try their luck with simple patterns. If they win the prize on a simple regular slot, they can start playing on progressive machines once they have gained enough expertise.

The Importance Of Thrill


In the case of progressive slots, the likelihood of losing is high. These slots require a player to solve difficult patterns. All this infuses a sense of thrill and excitement into the game. Also, several variables can influence the game’s outcomes with these slots. Thus, these games are a perfect fit for those who love thrill and excitement.

However, if a person likes to avoid risks, they should try their hands on a simple regular machine. These games give a person a sense of certainty since the prize money remains fixed. The prize money remains constant irrespective of other factors like other players involved in the game.

Thus, these slots are suitable for those people who feel happy and satisfied if they win small prizes at regular intervals rather than a considerable sum.


Gambling can make people extremely rich or poor overnight. There is no perfect strategy to gamble; likewise, there is no perfect game or machine for a player. A complex mix of factors like a person’s luck, a person’s strategy, a person’s level of expertise and several other factors determine the outcome of a gamble. Every time a person goes out to gamble, they have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide what suits them the best.