Do High Limit Slots Hit More Often – 2024 Guide 

Casino games are exciting and thrilling and everyone who plays them looks forward to making the highest amount of profit possible for the said game. This is why people wonder if the chances of winning in game modes can vary due to certain other factors like a higher limit slot. This can help one in determining where to put one’s money to get the most return.

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To know whether higher limit slots provide more chances for winning, it is important to look at the several factors that affect or do not affect the chances or frequency of hitting and see how higher limits affect or do not affect it. These factors are:

1. Bigger denomination


Many people believe that if they are betting with a bigger amount of money then they are likely to get hits more often. But this is a common myth and although it can happen in some cases, it is not a proven fact.

Moreover, betting with bigger denominations can be more stressful on your pocket overtime as you would be betting a significant amount of money each time you gamble and losing that much amount of money overtime can add up to create huge losses.

2. Number of players

Although it is pretty much possible for the casino controllers to alter hit frequency in certain situations and people might think that if there is a bigger crowd then the casino might increase the hit frequency but this is just a speculation and not the truth.

This is because the slots are already designed and made in such a way that brings profit. The operators do not have any need to alter hit frequency just because more people are playing the game. Frequent changes will only make the slot look inconsistent and deter away potential players.

3. Higher limits


Just like the other given factors, the ‘limit’ of the slots is not an indicator of how frequently one might hit in a game. This means that the chances of hitting can be the same both in the cases of high as well as low limit slots and the limit had nothing to do with it.

Moreover, in most cases it does not matter whether the hit frequency of a slot is higher or lower. Because even if a slot does have more chances of hits it does not mean that the odds will be in your favor and just because a slot has lesser chances of hits does not mean that you won’t land a hit in that game.

Besides limits that do not affect the frequency of getting a hit, there are still certain things in a round that can be affected by a high limit slot. Those being:

4. Lesser but bigger progressives

When one is betting on a higher limit they have the chance to reach the most amount that can be won in the game. This means that unlike in a game with a lower limit, one can make 5 to 10 times their original amount, in a higher limit game the original amount can increase by 100 times if things go well. But at the end this is all contingent on how the game goes.

It is all about volatility and how one wants to play their game. When one decides to play a higher limit, one might get as many progressives, but when one does, they will be of a bigger remuneration. On the other hand, with a lower limit bet, one can get progressives more frequently, but each progressive will be worth less in amount. In the long run though, they should average out to be similar, with the higher limit being slightly more due to the payback percentage.

5. Percentage of payouts would be more


In a more denomination machine the percentage of payout would be higher as compared to a lower denomination machine. But this cannot be ensured with a single round as the results can vary due to the odds of the game.

That is if one really wants to see the true benefit of a bigger payout percentage then they would have to play the game for a significant amount of time or would have to clear a significant number of rounds to actually see the difference between the payout percentage of a game with lower denomination versus a game with more denomination.

So even though high limit slots do not ensure more frequent chances of hitting, there are some other things they can indicate. Those being higher progressives and higher payout percentages.


Although there are a lot of factors that can determine whether a casino game would be more favourable or less favourable, there always exists a risk while playing Casino games and nothing is for certain. This is also true with regards to many other factors related to such games like the number of people playing it, the denomination, and high limits. Although these factors might seem like they hugely affect the frequency of getting a hit, this is not necessarily true.

To answer it simply, high limit slots do not hit more often in 2024. Even if they did and even if the chances of getting a hit were high, there is no certainty as to whether one would be able to achieve the same while playing the casino game. Although, there are some other factors which are affected by a higher limit in a positive as well as neutral sense, like an increase in the percentage of payouts and higher progressives as the game goes on along with the chance to win big, they are also not bound to be helpful every time someone plays such a game.