Should You Get a Haircut Right before Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a huge event most people spend a good part of their life thinking through. The decorations, who to invite, what food to serve, which dress to pick, and how to theme it are all parts of the planning process. However, no matter how much time throughout our life we spend preparing for it, putting these plans into reality is usually far more stressful and time-consuming.

Finding a location, organizers, and place to purchase all necessities, and sending out the invites, can all bite into our schedules to a point where things start to slip by. One of these may include our haircut, which could lead us to consider having one just a day before the wedding. But should you get a haircut right before your wedding day? Let’s check and see!

Getting a haircut a day before the wedding


A haircut is something that usually involves a bit of foresight. Clearing our schedule for the visit to a hairdresser, picking a style we wish to get, taking care of the newly cut hair, and other bits make the whole experience require quite a bit of time. However, we may be tempted to get a quick cut before a wedding to fit into the theme and dress. Of course, any number of reasons can cause the lateness of this decision, but the real question is whether we should do it a day before the wedding even if we think the planned hairstyle would work better.

The consensus is that you shouldn’t cut your hair close to the wedding. But, of course, it is not a cut-and-dry answer because there will be situations where you may want to do it for one reason or another. For example, maybe the current hairstyle doesn’t fit the dress, or your overall preparation time for the wedding left little time for a haircut. Perhaps you simply forgot. These are all understandable and fair reasons you’d end up rushing the haircut so close to the wedding day, but it’s still advised not to do so. Here are some reasons why.

Hair should be cut early so it can settle


The usual estimate for cutting your hair is three weeks before the wedding. This estimate is the least amount of time required for your hair to settle down properly. The hair will be healthy and ready to be styled without much issue. This three weeks period does assume you are doing a lot of work on your hair. Any more complex haircuts will be in need of that settling down period to look really good.

However, if it is merely a small trim you desire, you’ll need far less time. Trimming your hair slightly is not that stressful to it and can be done closer to the wedding day. Usually, it’s suggested to still do it a week before the wedding. This way, our hair will be ready for prime time when the big day rolls around.

Consult the hairdresser


No haircut should be taken without ample preparation and consultation with our hairdresser. However, even the best hairdressers need a reference of what you wish to achieve with a certain haircut. No matter how simple or complex, anything more than a trim will benefit from reference photos and discussion with the hairdresser.

Make sure to inform them of it being a haircut for the wedding. They may be capable of providing some feedback and suggestions about our desired haircut. After all, hairdressers are far better versed in haircuts than anybody else. So, it pays to give them time to think about how to best style your hair. This ties back into the previously mentioned three-week period as you should leave a few days free for our hairdresser to figure stuff out.

If you do not have a hairdresser you frequently go to, you should consider a hair salon. Both haircuts and the styling of the hair are quite important to a satisfying cut. This is why finding a proper salon that will treat your hair well is important. Due to the many options and services offered, we recommend

Having good communication with the hairdresser will result in guaranteed satisfaction. The overall experience can only be improved by giving ourselves and the hairdresser extra time. Even a trim could benefit from early notice, always keep informing your hairdresser in mind before visiting them, especially if it’s for something as important as your wedding day.

Think up a haircut even earlier


Haircuts can sometimes be something we decide on a whim. A sudden attraction to a haircut may be completely understandable and something we may even experiment with. Still, when that haircut is to be presented at our wedding, we ought to think about it far more.

Weddings are universally important, and we’d like to look our best, which can rarely be done with last-second decisions. So while occasionally, a newly thought up style may work well, it’s much safer to assure that a hairstyle will truly work for us by planning it ahead of time.

We recommend taking a look at various hairstyle magazines or sites and discussing it, once again, with the hairdresser. Of course, this should be done after picking a wedding dress so the hairstyle choices we make can better fit and work with the dress itself.


To reiterate, you shouldn’t cut your hair immediately before the wedding day. It won’t give your hair enough time to settle, even if it’s just a simple trim job. The more complex your requirements, the more time you’ll have to set aside for a haircut. This can range from a single week or a month for the sake of getting the best hair on your special day.

Don’t forget to account for your hairdresser’s time and the potential extra steps taking this haircut may require. Caring and properly maintaining it after the cut is also important, leaving the hair looking a lot healthier than it would without any additional treatment. Ultimately, this will lead to the most satisfaction and improve your special day.