Underground or Above Ground Pool – Which Pool is Right for You?

If you have just bought a house or property where you plan to live with your family, congratulations! Many of us have had an idea of ​​what our house should look like since childhood. And not only that, some go further in thinking about yards, a viewpoint, and even a swimming pool next to the house. With good effort and analysis of each item individually, we are sure that each of you will succeed in bringing your dream house and yard closer to reality to a greater or lesser extent.

The swimming pool that we mentioned a moment ago has always been a feature of the more wealthy people, right? But it doesn’t always have to be like that, on the contrary. Imagine that instead of a morning shower, you can jump into the pool straight from your bedroom and swim a significant length! What an awakening! Or to watch your children playing during the summer and enjoy the clear water? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Well, we are glad that you took a few minutes to read this text because you will soon realize that all the above ideas can become your reality. At the very beginning, you need to ask yourself a few key questions. It is not the number of questions that matters, but their quality, whether you ask the ones whose answers can help you.

And so we come to a crucial one, which comes right after the decision to build a swimming pool, and that is: which one to choose, the underground or above ground model? In the following, we will try to point out the pros and cons of both types of pools so that you can make a decision more easily and choose the one that best suits your requirements.


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The price is a key moment during the start of any project and plays a big role in decision-making. The same thing is here as well. When we talk about underground and above-ground pools, the price can be the first signal that will make you love one kind of them more. Although you think you would enjoy the underground pool, maybe the price will tell you: stop for a second and think again. For additional information check here.

When we talk about an underground pool, the construction itself, no matter what material you plan to make it from, can cost up to 70,000 dollars. If you have seen a different, significantly lower price somewhere, ask yourself what you are getting for that amount, because 90% of the time it’s all about marketing trick. Wondering why the price is so huge? Have you thought about what it takes to build this type of pool?

Excavation, slab around the pool, security fence, electrical connection, building permits, installation, etc. Of course, the price can be lower, we have given an upper limit, but it can also vary depending on the choice of material, i.e. do you want better quality substance, how much attention do you pay to the design and appearance of the pool and similar. Of course, if you’re lucky, you can have this one for half the price, but even then, this amount is not very affordable, right?

On the other hand, we have an above-ground pool, which has not only a low price but also its installation is much easier and simpler. In fact, with this type of the pool, you have a couple of costs related to the purchase of the construction, its installation and maintenance costs that are not so high. So, with much or less hassle, you can have a very nice place to enjoy for about 12-15k. Significantly less, right? If you want to calculate with money, choosing a different type of pool can help you save money and maybe spend it on some other arrangement.

Safety should always be the most important thing

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Whichever pool you decide on, safety should always be your top priority. If we are talking about any type of pool, we should emphasize a safety fence (if it is an above-ground) or more safety equipment (in the case of an underground pool). According to research conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than half of fatal drowning occur in underground pools. This information should make you wonder.

Why is it like that? We believe the first reason is the depth of the pool. Above-ground models can be deep, but that depth rarely exceeds the height of a person, while the depth of underground models can be up to several meters. However, as far as static safety is concerned, since the underground pool is dug and secured with a certain material, despite the security fence that the above-ground ones have, they are safer.

Appearance and design

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If you decide on an underground pool, you must think carefully in advance about its size, shape and depth. This is a big investment whose change can lead to huge costs. A dock with above-ground model is another matter. Both choices allow you to listen to your wishes and desires because buying a new, different above-ground pool is not a big expense. You can see various sizes and designs of this type of pool if you click here.

And here we come to the famous “but”. If you want various accessories that can support your desire to jump into the water, slides and stuff like that, then your choice should be an underground model. Jumping boards, slides, and stairs, are all accessories that go with an underground pool that has enough depth to support your adrenaline fantasies.

Pool maintenance

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Both pools require pumps for water purification as well as maintenance of chemical balance. The expenses are more or less the same for their maintenance. When it comes to durability, it is logical that underground one is more durable than above-ground ones.

But if it comes to their dilapidation or renovation, you can conclude which will be more profitable for you, right? Repair, installation, and material for an in-ground pool can cost a fortune. Let’s not forget the costs of the master as well as the duration of the work. Therefore, with in-ground model, when you feel its wear and tear, simply put the old one away and buy a new one. A cheaper, faster and easier way to refresh and enjoy in the pool again.

We hope that with these tips we managed to make things easier for you at least a little and remove the doubt in choosing the pool that would be ideal for you. Take some time, go through all the items in an order, and calculate the costs, installation method, time and other important items that are necessary to you before making a final decision. You have a wonderful motivation: imagine a pool that you can enjoy with your family! Worth the effort right?