8 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Rhodes

Greek island trips are a few of the popular travel destinations considering the exquisite pristine beaches, rugged mountains, quiet lakes and lush forests. Rhodes is likewise one of them. Visiting Rhodes can be appealingly exciting, but there are various pointers one should know before touring this Dodecanese island of Greece. Apart from the statues of Colossus, it is also known for numerous other historic attractions. The Rhodes town has many facets and people from all over the world plan their vacation at this place to discover it all.

From the legendary statue at Rhodes to devouring a day in Lindos, the satisfying beach shores, and the cosmopolitan charisma of Mandraki, it envelops everyone in its glamour.

Seeing Rhodes can be pretty exciting, but there are various pointers one should know before visiting this enormous Dodecanese island in Greece.

Weather Of Rhodes

Rhodes has a Mediterranean atmosphere and hence the sun shines thoroughly during summer. The climate altogether is a mixture of temperate summers with a tinge of mild winter. The sunlight may go a little too scorching during the peak summer days. But the season is manageable. The most comfortable time to visit would be May-June or September – October. The winters can be average at 14 degrees C. It also becomes an excellent option for people looking for a mild chill.

People In Rhodes Smoke Indoors

We cannot say this as a general statement, but smoking indoors is pretty typical in Rhodes. Although you might find banners prohibiting smoke inside, we often see people with cigarettes inside bars, cafeterias, and diners.

There are also various smoke-free zones, private and rustic. These open-air areas can be coffee places, parks, beaches, and outdoor cinemas. In 2019, the anti-smoking laws were implemented in Greece, but people still are using the old banners allowing smoking in closed areas.

Transportation In Rhodes

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When you are touring the Rhodes islands, you may require rental cars and buses for transportation. It applies unless the person stays put in one Rhodes island destination.

Some places in Rhodes are close enough to walk and venture yourself. But long-distance places require taxis and cars. The taxis and cabs in Rhodes do not just cruise the streets for customers, rather you have to keep a number handy for a pickup.Online website like carhire-rhodes.com provide car rental services to venture across the Rhodes islands. One advice which every traveler pay heed to is that weekly rental rates can be quite affordable when booked in advance.

Greek Food

The Rhodes islands are culturally different from their neighbors. They own their specialties when it comes to food. They own their cuisine. Some of the dishes are exclusive that we cannot find anywhere else. One such prevalent among the others is the uniquely made hot dogs. They stuff these hotdogs with additives, onions, celery, and particularly the Portuguese sausage, chorizo. They serve this dish everywhere the place, from small street stalls to fancy restaurants.

Johnnycakes are the breakfast specialty at the place. The food is prepared with two natural elements: cornmeal and water.

They dissolve the batter with butter, honey, and maple syrup. This old recipe has existed in Rhodes for various centuries.

Prasonisi Beach Is A Must-Stay

The location has several beaches, some of the fascinating ones. One of which is the prasonisi. The beach lies with the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea enjoining. So, technically, there are two beaches in one place. You can have two unforgettable experiences in the same spot. The distinction is that one usually remains very serene while the other is the hub for surfing. It is the reason people staying on the island never miss this calm and shady sea.

The Healing Water Of Kallithea

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We know the natural inn of Kallithea for its therapeutic water. Not only that, exotic greens and falls that entail an intriguing history surround this iconic beach. This unique beach is between Rhodes town and Faliraki village. This phenomenal place gives you a relaxed mind. The water is soothing, with an excruciating view of palm forests and dense greenery.

There is an access fee for entering the commercial complex. The price was approximately 5 Euros per adult and 2.5 Euros per child below the age of 12 in 2024. They facilitate the beach with parasols, sunbeds, and eating out options.

The Famous Lindos

The famous city crowded with white houses is perhaps the most visited place in Rhodes. People can’t help but sink in awe at the village. One of the antique places here is the Acropolis. The sundowns are one of the best views from the Acropolis. With the silver houses from the village, the central beach, and St Paul’s bay, the sight captures all.

Within walking distance is the church of Panagia. It is a little church, which is a minaret tower with pebble mosaic tile. The interior of the church is one of the fine views to behold. The bright frescoes along with eye-catching chandeliers add to its beauty.

One Of The Seven Marvels

The colossus of Rhodes is one of the seven wonders of the world. It illustrates the god Helios. The quake later dismantled this monument and was tempered by the invading troops. The heritage of the statue is still going on. It left a hearty impression on the people. Sometimes people tried to revive it. People today consider that the sculpture is a portrayal of the triumphs of the days of ancient times. Even though it might not get resurrected, the place already has an imprint on the world.


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There is so much to cover in Rhodes. Someone can hardly wrap the trip up in 4-5 days if one wishes to see it all. The mouth-watering food, beautiful beaches, ancient monuments, and beautiful sceneries, it is a complete package worthy of a trip. It also has one of the highest tourist presence with people vacationing during their summer or winter holidays. The suitable weather adds to the boon.