Top 5 GOG Offers to Purchase Immediately

Want some games to entertain yourselves this fall? You might wish to take a look at some on GOG.

The summer season has come to an end, as well as the wonderful summer sales for websites providing video game distribution, like GOG and Steam. You are no longer in the final countdown because the huge GOG Sale concluded at the beginning of September. However, Gamescom 2024 showcased several intriguing upcoming releases, but if you are seeking for fantastic games to play right away, GOG got you covered. You do not wish to pass on these current offers, which include markdowns of up to 69%.

If we listed every title we think you should buy, you would be here all day, so we have chosen just five games we believe are worthy of your time.

1. Saints Row 2


Saints Row has been re-launched, and the critiques are not favorable. The Saints Row remake differs from the original Saints Row games in a number of ways. Long-time series fans are going to be let down, and beginners seem not to be doing themselves a favor by playing a diluted Saints Row game. And it does not even mention all the many technical problems with the reboot.

Why not dive down back into the vault and enjoy some classic Saints Row rather than touching that rubbish (or at least waiting until it goes on sale)? We believe that each and every gamer has an obligation to themselves to bask in the grandeur of Johnny Gat.

Although Saints Row 2 and Saint Row 3 are frequently at the top of lists of the greatest Saints Row games, we advise going with the first title and then buying the second sequel at GOG at € 10.19. Saints Row 4 started to receive some rather varied reviews, but you should play that kind of game for yourself. While some consider Saints Row 4 to be the weakest entry in the main series, others claim it is their favorite.

It is best that Agents of Mayhem, the most recent open-world, third-person action game out from the Saints Row franchise’s developers is not available on GOG.

2. Deus Ex


Do you recall the acquisitions of the Embracer Group from the recent past? The Asmodee acquisition in December 2024 worth €2,750,000,000 stands out. The renowned Deus Ex franchise was another piece of IP that Embracer Group purchased.

The first Deus Ex is regarded by many as one of, perhaps, the best video games ever created. The gaming environment exudes immersion and the writing is outstanding. It was innovative in a lot of ways. The sequel, Invisible War, caused the series to falter a little. We agree that it was one leap forwards, two leaps back Deus Ex experience, despite it not being quite as horrible as some claim. In any case, you ought to give it a shot for the sake of the story alone. What do you stand to lose for less than seven euros, after all?

When Eidos-Montréal took control and created Human Revolution, the series resumed its proper course. It was an excellent modern interpretation of Deus Ex that successfully brought the series back. Unfortunately, Mankind Divided was a case of taking one stride forward as well as two steps back, much like Invisible War. Does that imply it is not worthwhile to play? Without a doubt – no. However, it undoubtedly could have been better.

Eidos-Montréal is said to be very eager to bring back Deus Ex in some kind of significant way, although it is unclear when this will happen. However, it is not a major problem. If you are like us, you will keep going back and forth between the earlier Deus Ex games.

3. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain


After this, we swear we will not bring up Embracer Group in this piece again.

Remakes, remasters, revivals, and reboots were obviously discussed when information about the IPs that Embracer Group now owns became public. And among all of these, we believe Legacy of Kain to be the most thrilling potential series return.

The Night King might have easily brought the Legacy of Kain franchise back to life because it is so dead. It surely would have improved Game of Thrones season 8. The Legacy of Kain famine will have been around for 20 years by November 20, 2024. It is a sad state of things considering how excellent the action-adventure series was in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Now is a good time for aficionados of the hibernating action-adventure franchise to feel hopeful. The Embracer Group has indicated a strong desire to bring several of its recently acquired IPs back to life. And the cherry on top? Legacy of Kain was especially referenced by Embracer Group. Ladies and gentlemen, you understand what that means, right?

Take a journey down memory lane if you have previously played them so you may revisit the mythos. And if you haven’t played them previously, you owe it to yourself to correct that oversight. Sadly, Square Enix has temporarily suspended allowing people to buy Soul Reaver. You can still buy Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain for only € 6.99, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2, and Defiance even though you will not be able to play them just yet.

4. Sleeping Dogs


Grand Theft Auto will very certainly be compared to any city-based crime game in the open world, for better or worse. We have lost count of the number of individuals who disregarded Sleeping Dogs as merely another Asian GTA after its 2012 release. And yet, it has more characteristics with titles like Shenmue and Yakuza as opposed to Grand Theft Auto.

In actuality, Sleeping Dogs, which originally debuted as True Crime: Hong Kong, is a spiritual heir to the departed True Crime series. However, due to the harsh dismissals of Asian GTA employees and the subsequent release of Grand Theft Auto 5, Sleeping Dogs was largely forgotten for many years. It rose to become one of the 2010s’ most egregiously underappreciated video games.

In the years since, everything has really improved. As more people try it, they learn that there is a lot more to the Asian GTA. In the video game Sleeping Dogs, players assume the position of Wei Shen, a Hong Kong police officer with an American transfer who goes undercover with the country’s most potent triad organization. Wei simultaneously does cop and triad operations, each of which has a different goal that affects how you should approach it.

In Sleeping Dogs, guns are much less popular, and much of the fighting will be nasty hand-to-hand or with melee weapons. Particularly the environmental finishes never age. There are many mini-games to play and trinkets to find. Oh, and Emma Stone is available for you to date. That carries considerable weight.

For €19.99 (don’t piss off, but it was €2.99 on the big GOG Sale), you can play one of the best open-world games available today. This wonderful video game defies the adage “let sleeping dogs lie”.

5. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Some Fallout fans consider the old Interplay Games games to be the only legitimate representations of the series. Some people like the most recent Fallout games. If you enjoyed the original Fallout games, you’ll love Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicks Obscura.

The same people who made the original Fallout games also developed the classic isometric RPG Arcanum. It achieves a wonderful fusion of technological truth and fantasy by utilizing the neglected steampunk style. Then you can kill people in the face with something like a handgun or blow them up with explosives after using magic to dismantle some bandits.

One of Arcanum’s most intriguing aspects is the Magic/Technology Aptitude system. Your ability with one decreases as your compatibility with the other increases. And anyone else in your party is subject to this as well as you. Let’s say you focus all your efforts on gun control but have a healer mage in your group. His curative spells will deteriorate with time. They will eventually stop having any effect on you. That implies that in order to prevent oneself from dying, you will have to be more independent.

The qualities of a top-notch RPG are present in Arcanum. The writing is excellent and strikes the ideal balance between seriousness and fun. Your choices in this game have long-lasting impacts and consequences, and many quests have numerous possible solutions. The music, too. The music, oh my goodness.

There is substantial character creation and growth. There are a limited number of races and backgrounds available to players. These traits can remind you of Fallout. Each gives your character advantages or disadvantages. You can then choose your initial stat distribution among the eight in-game qualities and start allocating points to the numerous talents on offer.

The first time, we devoted an hour to make our character. We played for 45 minutes, and then we restarted. There is a tremendous amount of replayability available here. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that a limited intelligence run of Arcanum provides a comparable one-of-a-kind experience if you appreciate low-intellect plays of Fallout 1, Fallout 2, or New Vegas, which is one of the rare RPGs that have a complete gambling experience within the storyline, similar to the one you can get on online bookies at that have real money casino sections.

By the time Arcanum was released, it had already entered a niche market, and since Troika Games ceased not long after, many people seem to have missed this one. You have an obligation to yourself to experience this if you like role-playing games. Give RPGs a chance despite the fact that you are on guard about them, especially classic RPGs such as Arcanum, which is still on a discount even though the GOG Sale is over, with a bargain of… €1.89. It is a 69% discount, guys! You might be taken aback.