How To Bet On Cricket – 4 Strategies You Need To Know

Betting is an activity that many people all over the world enjoy. There’s some strange joy in guessing the sports scores and being right. You put some money on the scores, you guess, you win, and most of all you’re right. The bragging rights are big things among bettors. You know this as a betting man. Another thing that’s interesting when it comes to bettors is that not all of them fancy the same sport. No, the world is a vast place in this department, and there are many different choices for bettors.

For example, bettors in the UK love to wager on football, or soccer, whatever you like to call it, and of course horse racing. Then we have the Americans who love their sports such as American football, the NFL, NBA basketball, hockey, and baseball. The rest of Europe favors soccer and tennis, while rugby is popular in Australia. But, one sport dominates the Asian continent and it is all thanks to one nation. Can you guess which sport is the most popular when it comes to betting in Asia? It’s cricket, and it’s all thanks to the millions of Indian bettors.

This is an interesting sport, which is popular in this region and the UK, from where it came to India. Of course, it has its roots in many other countries, but Europe and the USA are not too crazy about it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wager on it a bit. Yes, you can, and we’re here to tell you how to do it and be successful. In this article we are going to discuss how to bet on cricket: 4 strategies you need to know. If you are interested in this sport and betting, you can find your luck at Dafabet India if you’ll be kind enough and click here. But before any of that please stick with us while we spill these words of wisdom to you like Mother Merry in the Beatles’ timeless hit, Let It Be.

1. Dogon Strategy


If you’re new to the game and the betting process this one is for you. Most newcomers live it because it’s based on math. This gives it a lot of logic, and new players are quick to adopt this approach. It works on the principle of double bets. In every round you lose, the next one you play, you double the bet. The stakes need to be double to make this strategy work, so it’s better if you don’t start with high stakes. Also, to make it work to its fullest you mustn’t stop until you’ve recouped everything and made a profit.

This approach will work in the short term if the tides of your misses are quick to shift. But if they don’t and you continue putting money forth recklessly, you could end much more than you planned. This approach work in ideal conditions, which would have to have a limitless budget. And who of us has that? Maybe Dan Bilzerian, but even that’s a long shot.

2. Weather-Oriented Bets


It plays a role, and it’s a leading role. Never forget this. Weather is important for cricket results the same way Scottie Pippen was important to Michael Jordan. The weather conditions can influence the results of a game depending on who are the batters and bowlers on the field, and of course depending on the venue where the game is played.

All of this needs to be taken into account when you want to bet on cricket. If you want to bet on this sport, you need to understand the rules and watch the sports. Once you get accustomed to all of it, you’ll see how wet conditions and old turf can put aside even the best batters.

3. Flat Betting


After one strategy and one tip, here we are back with another strategy. Another highly popular and touted among the people who love to wager on cricket. The players get quickly accustomed to this one as it is also mathematics-based. This one is based on percentages, where players will use the so-called flat best, which means that they’ll always allocate the same amount of their bankroll to the same bet.

This approach dictates the temp of your bets, where you’ll put the majority of your bankroll on the safest bets, while you’ll put a small portion of it on the risky ones. The goal is to offset the losses that come with risks by having many safe bets, and when both align to make a profit. Also, if you start your day by missing a few games, you’ll have the advantage of reduced bankroll, and with each bet, the amount you bet will be lower, thus giving you more rounds to play, and minimizing the risks of losing the entire bankroll.

4. Players & Stats Derived Bets


Yes, this is a team sport, but if you want to maximize your winnings s you’ll be placing bets on individual players too. To make this approach reap good results, you’ll need to learn how to follow players and their stats. You can place bets on both the batters and the bowlers. But you need to learn first how each of them fares against a certain playing style, or how do they fair on certain pitches and under certain weather conditions.

Look at cricket stats needs to be thorough. This game is played to be won, and you need to be able to encapsulate all of the details you can find into your single bet. Just think of that movie Moneyball with Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt. When it comes to bets, each player is a world to itself. Yes, as we said, the team matters, but if you want to win big, you need to look at individual players.

Bottom Line

As you’ll see we have given you a few good strategies and tips, and that’s the truth. But the even bigger truth is that we only scratched the surface. If you keep digging you’ll find so much more in this department which is called cricket betting.