Can Foreigners Buy Property in St Kitts – 2024 Guide

Those of you that do not know St. Kitts island has been firmly on the tourism map for some time now. What makes it beautiful and appealing is the fact that it has all the usual tick lists of all islands – sand, sun and sea, but there is more.

Caribbean islands all somewhat seem alike and that is how almost all of them, are perceived. All of them except St Kitts. This Caribbean island is somewhat special, its people are special and the feel you will get there is as special as well. The ride around the island will only take a few hours meaning it is not that big, but it has plenty of distractions along the way to make you prolong that ride around.

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Other things make St Kitts attractive and it is the fact that you can become a citizen of the island if you invest there or if you purchase real estate on the island. This is pretty much the gist of our article and we will tell you all about this throughout it. There are even more reasons to invest and buy property here but more on that later on. If you were thinking, or if you are thinking of investing in a property in St Kitts then what better way than through

Now, the question we have set before us is rather simple and it can answer in such a way – YES! Foreigners can buy properties on this gorgeous Caribbean island and by doing so they are eligible for a few things. One of those is already mentioned and it is the citizenship that this government offers as soon as you buy a property or as soon as you invest a certain sum in this island.

One more thing that is interesting is all the tax incentives that are highly appealing to people all around. You will be awarded freedom from income tax, inheritance tax, gift tax and taxes on your capital gains.

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Now St Kitts is so much more than just tax heaven and a place to get citizenship by Investment. St Kitts is a beautiful island that has beautiful sand beaches, rainforests, volcanic mountains as well as plenty of great golf courses.

This is a tourist place so you can expect some commotion but it all adds to the charm of this town. The town center is where the cruise ships dock and you can see a lot of people, shopping, drinking and generally exploring.

On Saturdays, there is a market day that is almost perfect with all kinds of food displayed. This island is simply dreamy and you are not going to regret visiting or buying real estate here.

When on the topic of real estate you should consider a few things before you buy. As we found out, and as we know that all of our desire and incline is, we all rush to buy properties down at the beach, the coastline or as near to golf courses as possible. Now there certainly are advantages of buying a real-estate there and there are plenty of them but you have to consider some disadvantages.

First of those is the ruckus and commotion all day every day, especially near the golf course. There will be players there will be a flow of people up and down and be sure that there will be a few stray golf balls from time to time, depending on how close you are to the course. Another thing to note is that you will not have the view or enjoyment you would have if you simply pull back and upward a bit.

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One of the pieces of advice we are trying to give you here is to consider buying real estate a bit higher up, rather than down on the beach and near a golf course. Besides being a lot of quitter, you will also benefit from great views of everything, from the beachfront to those golf courses from a nice distance where you can see everything.

You will have the advantage of the nicer breeze that is always better when you are higher up, you won’t have as many mosquitos as you would if you are below on a beachfront and the views from somewhat high locations are always better.

Just imagine waking up and going on your terrace and seeing most of the island below you as if it were in the palm of your hand. Seeing mountains and forests every morning and every evening from your terrace will be a breath-taking moment you will never get tired of.

Another thing you need to consider is that you need to find a real-estate agency that is good at what they do, that has a decent selection for you and that they can offer what you need. Every good real estate agent will ask you some questions that will help them determine what is right for you. If we may intervene one more time, and advise you to go a bit of all-out with this, especially if you were living in a town or suburbs.

Do not be afraid to experiment, find a place on the beach, near the beach, and find something a bit further away from the commotion of a tourist place. Find something a bit remote if that is an option. change things up and you will see that living on an island and living in a suburb is miles different. From people, and the atmosphere in general to the sunrises and sunsets.

Living on an island has its merits. Fresh air, fresh fruit and produce. Good and healthy air and food and a lot more things like this. If this is something you like or if you strive towards this then make sure to contact a realtor that has offers on St Kitts and had on down there to check your new place.

Besides the obvious, sand, sun and beaches you get other benefits in form of tax freedom and citizenship by investment which we already mentioned before.

Best of luck and we wish you the perfect piece of real estate there. You won’t regret it for sure.