Can EU Citizens Still Work in the UK After Brexit?

It would be fifty years since the UK joined the EU next year, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The landmark will still occur, it’s just that the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union. No one saw it coming but that’s how things are for while now. People are just getting used to the new world order. The two unions remain on good terms but some things will change. People with most questions are those who are not UK citizens, come from the EU, but still seek employment on the island.

There’s a certain charm in being located in the UK even if you don’t come from one of the founding countries. Is it the pubs, the taxis, The Royal Family, the countryside, football, or something else? It probably is a little bit from everything. But, after all, the standard was always high in Great Britain, and some people are just used to working there or want the opportunity to earn higher wages than they would in their home country. So, asking can EU citizens still work in the UK after Brexit is not out of the ordinary.

Are you one of those people who want to know the answer? If you are you have come to the right place. We are going to dwell a little bit on this subject. It is an interesting one, as people still try to flock to England, Scotland, and the rest of the bunch. But, are things different than they were, and how? There are a few answers to this question and we’ll provide the primary ones. Of course, we’re not going to brag that we’re the only source you can ask questions. So if you’re prepared to dig even deeper after reading this piece you can address all your doubts at

How do Things stand?


Well, now you need to know one thing – to enter the UK for either travel or work you’ll need a visa. The same goes for students. After this year, and the finishing touches of Brexit a visa is required for all of the above-mentioned groups. Those people who already were in the UK when Brexit occurred but attained pre-settled or settled status can remain in the UK freely. Of course, this is how things stand in general. But, this applies only if you stay longer. If you’re planning on staying for less than half a year you can still arrive without a visa if you’re a member of EEA, EU, or if you’re a Swiss citizen. In case you’re looking for a stay longer than this period things drastically change.

What Can You Do?

Not everything is lost. The best way to get entry to the UK after Brexit is to apply for EU Settlement Scheme. The next option you have at your disposal includes the EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit and of course a family visa. Beyond that you can seek, if you fit the description a skilled worker visa and a frontier worker permit. If you don’t fill any of the brackets from above, there are still options, but you need to be a unique citizen of the EU. What this means is that the remaining options include an innovator visa and a high-potential individual visa. It is not required for you to be the next Nikola Tesla or Albert Einstein, but you do need to be quite special. If you don’t fit the description don’t even try to apply for these options. In the end, you are also left with the graduate visa. So, let’s talk about each visa in a few short sentences.

Graduate Visa


We’ll start with the one we mentioned last. This one applies to the people who study at a University in the UK. After graduation, you can remain in the UK for another two years. During these two years, you can find skilled work which allows you to apply for a different visa, or you can seek any of the kinds below depending on your success and life goals.

HPI Visa, Innovator Visa, And Frontier Worker Permit

The latter one is intended for people who come from Liechtenstein, Nordic countries (Norway and Iceland), Switzerland, and the EU to reside in the UK but still have their residences in the named countries. With this permit, you get access to health insurance in Great Brittan and some other perks. As for the other two, you need to be special as we already mentioned. As an applicant for an innovator visa, you need to come up with an innovative business that will be new, innovative, and viable.  You’ll also need personal savings, and investment funds. If you seek a high-potential visa the one requirement you need to match is to have a degree from any of the top international universities. Even if you have one, you’re only welcomed for two and a max of three years. After that, it’s time for a new visa.

EU Settlement Scheme


You can have this one to remain in the UK but only if you’ve been already there before the 31st of December, 2020 both living and working. It gives you a settled status but you need to reside in the UK for more than five years. Also, if you missed the 30th June 2024 deadline, it’s no good. You might as well miss your chance if you don’t have a serious explanation as to why you missed application.

EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit

This visa is intended for people who have family members of the EU citizenship. Switzerland, and Nordic countries such as Norway, Iceland, and even the royal Liechtenstein citizens who have been residents in Great Britain before Brexit. With this one, you can remain in the UK for half a year.

UK Family Visa

If your loved one lives in the UK this is your ticket. A spouse, children, or in best case scenario parents are living in the UK gives you a chance to ask for a family visa.  You will initially be given thirty three months of stay, and another application for another twenty nine months. After that, you can ask for a settlement scheme.