Some Efficient And Easy Methods To Use For The Efficient Promotion Of An Instagram Page In 2024

If you’re just opening up Instagram and worrying that you won’t be able to succeed at it because the niche is already overloaded with talented content creators, you should take in consideration the fact that there is an online promotional sphere that has been evolving with Instagram itself over the last few years. Today there are no reasons for you to ignore these options and not use them to develop your page on IG: if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to promote your page, a chance to buy Instagram followers to successfully start off would be very handy.

But that’s not it, we have so much more for you in this article: where to seek free support and how to set targeted ads the right way, how to not splurge on IG promo but to spend a reasonable amount of money and so on. We’d also like to note that the article was written in collaboration with the Viplikes managers – this is one of the best currently existing websites for social media promotion of any kind.

Where to begin


If you’re trying to decide whether you need to use expensive promotional ways (targeted ads, PRs from big bloggers) right now, the answer is no. First you need to come up with a decent strategy and figure out how you can monetize your blog – because now or later you’re going to want to do that either way. So it would be smartest to solve that question right now: what type of content do you want your viewers to pay you for, and what type of content can you use as the “warmer” to it? After you decide, you should start filling your profile with the content that’s going to be typically unpaid and put in hints about the paid content too. This is going to be a long process, so while doing that you should also gradually start adding some promotional tools to the process.

What to use first

We’d say that the best way to start off and gain your first followers without having to wait for it and spend tons of time online yourself is using a chance to get real Instagram followers for money – with these in your hands you’re going to be able to ensure any people in the fact that your content is already loved and valued. Easy to say like that, but hard to do if you’re moving forward by yourself. But if you’d use some professional help, in several days your page might get to a very different level of popularity.

However, if you’re making a decision to do that, you need to keep in mind that you need to purchase exclusively real subscribers, because only in this case your profile can be affected positively – not only in terms of subscribers count, but also in terms of the inner statistics. The more real interactions your page has with the other pages, the better: IG algorithms will detect that and will start showcasing your profile to more interested people. This is how paid promotion can induce a natural one.

What to do next


When you’ve acquired an initial pool of followers, you can proceed to using some other methods, for example, you can reach out to the fellow bloggers (the ones who post content in your sphere) and offer them mutual PR. You now have what to offer: you should be having somewhere around thousand or more subscribers so that other bloggers would be interested in working with you. However, it would be best to choose people from your or the neighboring fields – this way if they’d agree to collaborate you will be getting an interested audience coming to your page.

And then, when you have reached out to some small bloggers and gained from them, it is time to go bigger – invest into some big PR from a bigger blogger (or several ones of them). We’d say that buying promo stories is better than buying promo posts, because stories have a way higher conversion and more views than regular publications nowadays do.

What should be the last step


The last step is easy to guess – it is a targeted ad from IG itself. Lots of people question why it is so, why not start targeting your posts or stories from the very beginning of your IG “career”. However, the logic here is this: if a random viewer of the ad would come to your page when it is hardly developed, would they have something special to see here and a reason to stay? The answer is easy and very obvious: no. To make sure that people who see the paid ad are going to stay you have to go through several steps before that, the ones that we have described in this article previously.

Targeted ads should also be set correctly – don’t start off with a huge audience reach and minimum settings, do the opposite thing. Try to set as many interests to your audience as possible (yes, we’d recommend novices to set the targeted ad through the interface of IG and ignore FB cabinet, it makes things harder and at the beginning of IG career it is not necessary and can only worsen things), don’t forget about the neighboring niches and spheres. Try these settings out and analyze if you can make them better, and only after that do you start promoting your profile on a bigger scale.


If you’re here for best results, never rely on the free services and come to grips with the fact that you’re going to need to invest some money into your profile’s future success. However, don’t rush it as well – go gradually, if you need to purchase a big number of subscribers, divide it and take them on “in small portions”. Remember that your promo has to look organic to your already existing audience and to people who are about to come, so make it slow, stable and efficient.