What Exercise Burns The Most Belly Fat – 2024 Guide

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. From size zero to plus sizes, it is something personal. But, if you need to shed some kilos off your waist, hundreds of recommendations will be on your way. The journey of weight loss is not easy, especially when it comes to getting rid of belly fat.

It is the first step in the process of weight gain but leaves your body at last, and of course, the amount of effort and energy it takes to get rid of them is immense. But, as they say, that slow progress is good.

So, don’t lose your heart; instead, give these exercises a try to reduce belly fat and get in your most confident shape.


Crunches are the most reliable and efficient exercise to reduce belly fat. They help in fat burning and also help to strengthen your core. You might feel the stretch on your stomach in the initial days.

How To Do: You must begin by lying down on your back and then place your hands on the back of your head. Try to get up, sit on your back, and then go down again. This is round one. Try to do a set of 15-20 rounds. If you are a beginner, you can place your hand on the chest or parallel to the ground.


If you are conscious about hitting the gym and want to get rid of the fat points around the belly, enroll yourself in an online aerobics class at home or try to gather some basic exercises. You can team it up with skipping.

How To Do: You can begin from the basics like stretching and hence, add to the difficulty of improving your cardiovascular efficiency. Efficiency building is important for comfortable workouts and enhancing the body’s ability to cope with the cramps and swelling. Also, ensure proper breathing during the exercises and calorie intake throughout the day.

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Another trusted source to target the stubborn weight on the belly is burpees. It is a common yet challenging exercise. It is the best thing to kickstart your day or end your day with. It combines different movements and targets different body parts like the shoulders, stomach, and triceps.

How To Do: Choose an open space in the house or go to your nearby park. Keeping a proper distance between your hip, legs, and shoulder would be best. Hop yourself in the downward direction, maintain the parallel plank position, and then get into the frog’s position. To complete the round, lift your hands and jump high. Finally, you will land back on your feet.

Also, you must maintain a proper food intake while exercising to reduce belly fat. If you are struggling with your diet’s pace and ingredients, you can click here and explore some quick solutions to fix it.

Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is one part of the burpees dedicated to helping you reduce weight from your belly, thighs, and legs. Also, it helps enhance the core strength and challenge the soreness in the body muscles due to non-functioning or lack of exercise and movement.

How To Do: Help yourself with a high plank position or an inverted V. Please ensure that your hands are in the parallel direction, and your focus should be on the cyclic movement of your legs. Keep your stomach tucked inside the spine and a strong core while doing the leg movement. You can bring variation in the speed based on your body’s compatibility with the exercise.

Russian Twists

Twisting the body by sitting on your back with your legs up in the air is quite a task. It takes time to build such a core strength and begin with Russian twists to improve the oblique strength. Torso rotation is involved in this exercise where you move the weight in your hand, which can be a ball or a plate, from one side to another.

How To Do: Initially, You can touch your feet to the ground and do it. But, don’t go habitual with this as you have to prepare your body for the better. Once your body can lift your feet in the air, you can begin by adding the weight to your hand. Also, your body should be at a 45 degrees angle. Your arms should not be the focus during this exercise. You are doing it right if you feel the pressure on the area around your ribs.

Ball Planks

A plank is one of the most trusted ways of targeting the fat stored around the belly. Cardio sessions are a must if you have a bulging belly that doesn’t seem to cooperate with your weight loss plans. Becoming a pro for a plank position is difficult but not impossible. It would be best to remember that consistency is the key, and those abs will be achievable instead of being a far-sighted dream.

How To Do: Go for a gymnasium ball as it tests your balance in the plank position. Also, it is an amazing way to reduce fat as the body struggles to control the ball. All the body parts like abs, transverse muscles in the abdomen, and the obliques have to gear up to maintain the position without harming the body.

Inclined Running Or Moving Up And Down The Stairs

There are chances that your treadmill will become your indispensable companion in the belly fat loss journey. So, use it for an inclined walk or run that targets your legs and, of course, the fat points of your body. It stimulates the release of sweat from the body so that the calorie-burning process becomes faster.

How To Do: Go slow with the inclination, as you can get hurt if you directly jump to the higher level. Shift from level 1 to level 5; when you are fine with this, you can move ahead for better challenges to improve your body’s endurance. If you don’t have a treadmill at home or don’t want to get one, you can use the stairs of your home. Run up and down the stairs, and you’ll begin feeling the stress in your legs.


Small and gentle movements will help you build strength and endurance for high-intensity workouts to reduce fat around the belly. It’s okay if you do not see the results. You need to maintain your effort, and gradually, the results will keep coming in. Weight loss is a process. The more you enjoy it, the better it becomes!

Pull up your socks and do your best.