7 Helpful WhatsApp Tips You Didn’t Know About

Until about 15 years ago, neither the boldest theories, nor the most vivid fantasies, nor the most advanced predictions, could even guess in which direction the forms and ways of human communication would go. Memories of corded phones are still fresh, then wireless, enormously expensive, interstate and intercontinental calls. Not to mention letters and postcards, which have traveled for weeks, with a chance to get lost and never arrive.

All this is the past and very quickly we all got used to the new achievements of modern technology. Both young and old, of different types of education, living standards and habits, gradually accepted mobile phones and with them the applications that are offered. Suddenly it has become incredibly easy to communicate with all parts of the world, without any complications and waiting, and one of the biggest benefits is that such conversations and messages do not cost anything.

WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Telegram… And many more applications, have enabled a completely new functioning at all levels. Both business and private contacts are enabled with two clicks. At first it seemed like magic, so that, over time, people got so used to it that now they can’t even imagine any other form of communication.

What is WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp is a popular platform, which allows you to send messages, conversations, audio messages, videos for free, without any restriction. Of course, a WI-FI connection or internet in the mobile phone itself is necessary. WhatsApp is part of Facebook Messenger, from a couple of years ago and is very popular. It has about a billion users worldwide. It is possible to use it on weaker phones, which is its advantage. Constantly perfected and improved, this application holds one of the places at the very top, compared to competitors. It is very secure, and you can read more about that topic at whatsapp-gb.blog.br. That is one more contributor to its popularity.

What can you do with WhatsApp and you don’t know:

Some of the WhatsApp applications take only elementary. Messages and possibly calls. It serves someone for a wider form of communication, for sending audio and video recordings, in addition to the basics. Although we think that we have learned all the secrets of functioning and tried all the possibilities offered by WhatsApp, it can always surprise us. Additional features allow for much more and are good to know.

1. Voice messages

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A very useful way of communication, when there is no time to send written messages and longer chats. Ease of sending voice messages will remain your routine and habit. With a voice message, you send information quickly and easily, what it is intended for.

Thanks to Siri and Google Assistant, you will easily send a message. With “Hey, Siri”, send “WhatsApp message to someone”, you will dictate the text of the message and send it by voice.

2. Search chat

Sometimes we want to go back to chat with someone, to continue it or check it out and remind ourselves of the topic we talked about. If we have a lot of people with whom we communicate regularly, sometimes it is impossible to find a chat without wasting a lot of time. Maybe we left some chat for later, when we have enough time and now we are in trouble because we can’t find it.

With WhatsApp it is possible to quickly find the chat we need. We do this as follows: tap the search icon or type in the search and this will take us to all existing chats. Then we will easily find the one we want.

3. Favorite chat contact

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Everyone has someone with whom they are most often in contact and with whom they chat almost every day, sometimes for hours. It is possible to put such a contact in place, with a few steps, so that it is always available quickly. Steps are easy Settings-Data and Storage Usage-Storage Usage And select a contact.

4. Group chat

Group chat is useful and interesting, when a group of friends, colleagues working out a plan or people interested in the same topic of a certain type gather around it. It can be both useful and fun, because it replaces a direct vis-à-vis conversation.

Group chat is easy to come by. The first one is the Chats tab, then the New Group option is selected. The group can be given a name, a symbolic photo can be placed, all those who are interested will be added via the + icon and finally click on Create, so that the group is formed.

5. Ability to always be online

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For those who can’t do without constant chat and who have a business or any other need to be constantly online, there is an option. Sign at WhatsApp web app. Then everything will be synchronized with your phone and the existing application. You will be constantly available and there is little chance that some information will bypass you.

6. Check the message before sending

This is an opportunity that everyone should know. There is certainly no person, in this World, who once did not make a mistake and sent a message to the wrong person. No matter what kind of message it is, it doesn’t have to be compromising at all, it’s uncomfortable for everyone to have someone else read something intended for someone else. In this way, a surprise that is being prepared can be discovered and thus automatically spoil, someone’s secret can be revealed, a business agreement can be read by someone who should not…

Therefore, it is a good option to check the message and its content before sending. This is done as follows: there is a command “view once”, which displays the entire written message, once again for inspection. So the chances of making a mistake and getting into an awkward and unwanted situation are reduced to zero.

7. Reading a message in “super stealth mode”

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And this is a situation that we have all experienced for sure, and more than once. We received a message, we see that this is a person to whom we cannot or would not want to respond immediately. Maybe we need to respond to a suggestion, and we would like to think more about whether we intend to distance ourselves from anyone, whatever it is, there is a way to read the message without keeping it a secret.

This is also possible on the locked screen of the iPhone, by touching the incoming message and it will be displayed, in its entirety. With this “stealth” method, you will find out what it says, but it will go unnoticed by the sender.


There are still a large number of options in the WhatsApp application, which are created for the different needs of different users. It is certain that everyone will need a few, in addition to the basic ones. WhatsApp is full of features and it is no coincidence that there are so many people who single it out, as exceptional, compared to others. Its popularity is growing day by day and more and more people are using it, in all world destinations.