5 Ways To Know If Your Car Tires Are Out Of Alignment

Every driver must know that the pressure caused on wheels might lead to alignment issues over time. The crucial part is to never ignore this problem. Driving a vehicle with uneven tires for longer time can lead to technical issues, lack of control over the vehicle, and poor performances.

There are several ways to resolve this problem, and the best one is to get your car to professionals. That is especially important if you don’t have a lot of experience with the maintenance and repairs. A lot of car shops are offering this type of service, and if you live in Lexington, check out PerrymansAlignment.

Since checking this on time can be very important and save you from some more expensive repairs, you should learn more about different things to check whether the wheels are aligned properly. Here are the most efficient ways to know if the tires are out of alignment.

1. You Can Feel the Vibrations

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One of the most common indications that there is something wrong with the position and angle of tires is if you can feel the vibrations under your hands when you are holding the steering wheel. If there is enough oil for the ABS system, and you are sure that the steering wheel is in good condition, the only remaining reason why it is vibrating is the pressure caused by misalignment.

The key is to never ignore this. It will start as a minor problem, and the biggest mistake is to let it evolve to more serious stage. People who recently started to drive might find it more difficult to determine this problem in early stages, while more experienced ones can surely react on time.

2. The Car is Not Going Straight

All modern vehicles have advanced systems that will assist you in controlling the car and keeping the position. However, if you notice that the vehicle is turning slightly to the right or left while you are keeping the straight position, the most common reason for that is related to positioning of tires.

It is quite simple to check if this is the problem. All you need to do is to drive forward and keep the steering wheel straight. If the car is turning to one side, you will have to visit a car service to find out how to resolve the problem.

3. Controlling Problems

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Another indication that is simple to notice is when you have to turn the steering wheel slightly to one side so you can keep the straight position. Also, you will notice that the wheels are putting pressure on the steering wheel to turn to one side.

It will start with a very small angle, but can increase over time. Therefore, you should never ignore that since that is a clear sign of problems with the alignment. There are different solutions for that, depending on the main cause, such as fixing the pressure, checking the bolts, condition of tires and additional parts, and more.

4. Weird Noise

There are some things that you should never ignore while driving, and weird noises are one of them. You will hear the pressure applied on the wheels and steering wheel if the tires are not positioned in the right way.

Moreover, the noise will become louder over time, and the reason is related to pressure. Problems with poor positioning will also affect the quality of tires that will get worn-off much faster, you will face issues with handling, and more you wait for resolving the problem, the bigger are the chances to face other more serious repairs, like failed breaking system.

5. Check the Position of Wheels

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One of the biggest problems with poor positioning is that tires can go slightly toe-in or toe-out. This will affect the performance and make it much harder to drive. It will also affect the fuel economy since the car will require more power while you won’t be able to reach higher speeds anymore. T

he more you wait to fix the problem, the risks are higher of facing more serious and expensive technical repairs. Another common problem with position of tires is when they are falling to one side. That will cause whole car to push in that direction. The pressure caused by this problem can lead to many technical issues.

How To Deal With This Problem?

First of all, we have to mention that you won’t be able to fix it without proper tools. Therefore, the only solution is to visit a well-known car shop in your area. On the other hand, there are some things that you can do from time to time to prevent this issue, improve the durability of tires, and notice if there are any issues with positioning on time.

The advantage of determining that wheels are starting to change the position on time is that the repair will be much cheaper. The best practice is to always keep the right pressure in the tires, and to be sure that all parts are fixed.

The Bottom Line

Driving a car with such a problem for a longer time can lead to many issues, and you are even risking facing serious accidents on the road. For example, more serious stages might eventually cause one of the wheels to fall off. Also, the handling will become harder and harder, especially when it comes to holding the position.

Moreover, it will affect the durability and quality of tires, and you will need to change them more often. Checking the car and resolving this on time will save you a lot of money. Therefore, it should become a habit where you will check the alignment more often, especially before you go on a longer trip.

It should be a part of regular inspection in the car shop that you should complete on every couple of months. Prevention is the key since that will make this process much easier, safer, and more affordable.